Data Discovery

The Big Picture of your data

Column level lineage

An End-to-End Data Lineage Graph

Grai unifies lineage from all of your tools into a single lineage graph allowing you to trace data flows all the way from source to end user in a single view.

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Data Discoverability

Google-like search across the data stack

Whether you are a new team member or an old hand, Grai helps you find the data you need from across databases, data lakes, BI platforms, orchestration tools, and more.

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Data Discoverability

DataScope Queries

Can answer any question about your data from identifying which data is used by your BI tool to identifying PHI/PII related data. If you can imagine a question, you can define a DataScope query to find it.

Data Monitoring

CI/CD testing validates every change request

Capture historical data validation and testing outcomes across your stack including test results from Great Expectations, dbt, and CI/CD tests.


Advanced Testing

Automatically test data changes during CI, with any issues highlighted in the pull request. Stop waiting to fix data programs until they've already impacted users.

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Fully programmable with a rich set of API's, a python SDK, and yaml serialization right out of the box. Grai was built by and for developers.

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