Catch data issues during CI, not in production.

A single platform to track, build and develop your data pipelines.


An AI augmented platform that understands how pipeline changes impact the whole stack. Why settle for just data lineage.

Data Discovery

Quickly find the data you need

Filter and search to find fields, wherever they are in your data ecosystem. Trace the source of data with advanced column level lineage.

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Advanced Testing

Catch data issues before they hit production

Automatically test data changes during CI, with any issues highlighted in the pull request. Stop fixing data problems once they are already impacting users.

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Open Source

Built by and for the community. In the (unlikely) case we don't support your stack, full support is a PR away.

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git clone
cd grai-core/examples/deployment/docker-compose/demo
docker compose up

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A collection of logos showing Grai's integrations, including Metabase, Stitch, Fivetran, BigQuery, among others.


Works with your
Data Stack

Integrates seamlessly everywhere from barametal to the cloud. Our connectors ensure your whole stack is covered from source to sink.

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A collection of logos showing Grai's integrations, including dbt, snowflake, postgres, airbyte, parquet, github, among others.
A collection of logos showcasing Grai's integrations, including Fivetran, Parquet, GitHub, dbt, YAML, among many others.


Built with developers in mind

Python SDK for easily adding custom functionality on top of your data lineage, using the REST API. For more advanced customization you can always fork our project.

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